“THE BAND”– sex, drugs and rock and roll

“The Band”


“Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll”

Amos Lassen

A new releasing company, Breaking Glass Pictures is now on the scene and they are releasing three new films—“Lucky Bastard” (see my review). “Watch Out” (see my review) and “The Band”. Each of the films is in a genre of its own but the one thing that all three films have in common is that they are quality movie watching. I must admit, however, that I was not prepared for what I saw in “The Band”. The very beginning is couple having sex and nothing is left to the imagination—it is all right there on the screen and it is very hot.

“The Band” is the story of a rock band in Australia, “Gutter Filth”, whose lead singer quits and his ex-girlfriend takes his place. There is a lot of sexual scenery in the film and no one hides from the camera. Being gay, I am really not one to watch straight sex but this is really a good film—with or without the sex. The plot is excellent and the actors really fill their roles. Candy, the new guitarist and singer and ex-girlfriend of the former lead, discovers same sex enjoyment with the band’s manger. There are two other band members who willingly show us what they have and there is even a scene where the bassist experiences anal sex from a groupie with a strap on. I am not sure that this is a movie for everyone and there will be those who will complain about all of the sex but I found it totally enjoyable on several levels. Do not miss the first scene however—it is really hot.

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