“On the Other Hand Death”–a new Donald Strachey mystery

“On the Other Hand Death”

A New Donald Strachey Mystery

Amos Lassen

It’s good news when Chad Allen is back as gay private investigator, Donald Strachey and you can see the new movie “On the Other Hand Death” on Here TV!. This is the third installment of the Strachey series.
Allen plays openly gay Donald Strachey and he tears down stereotypes by being the hero in the gritty crime series. He is involved in a monogamous relationship with his husband, New York State Senate staffer, Tim Callahan (Stephen Spence). It is so good to see a couple of hot men like them on TV. The series looks at issues that are important and relevant to our community. The first film “Third Man Out” was about the nature of outing and the second, “Shock to the System” looked at gay reparative therapy. “On the Other Hand Death” deals with gay hate crimes and the problems that GLBT teenagers face.

Ron Oliver who directed “Queer as Folk” directs this film. It begins with Dorothy (Margot Kidder) and Edith (Gabrielle Rose), her partner, sleeping in each others’ arms on the second floor on their farmhouse. Downstairs, as they sleep, someone breaks through their glass door. When Edith goes down to see what has happened, she finds slurs such as “Dykes Go Home” painted on the walls.

As Strachey begins to investigate what happened, he learns that the two women rejected a very high bid on their property from a real estate developer. It seems that everyone in the neighborhood wanted to see their homes and Edith would have sold but Dorothy wanted to keep it. Things become even more complicated when Andrew (who was once Tim’s boyfriend); a good friend of Dorothy comes into the picture. He makes a pass at Donald and challenges Strachey’s loyalty to his partner. He also puts the marriage of the two men to the test.
Chad Allen gives a fine portrayal of the detective once again and I understand that will be two more films in the series coming this year. Stay tuned for more news about them.

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