“Kiss Me Deadly”–international espionage

“Kiss Me Deadly”

International Espionage

Amos Lassen


“Kiss Me Deadly” has received a great deal of hype in the gay press. When it first was aired on Here TV, it seemed that every gay publication had something to say about it and now you can come to your conclusions as it is released commercially on DVD.

Jacob Keane (Robert Keane) is an ex-spy who is lured back into the shadowy world of spydom when Marta (Shannon Doherty) suddenly reappears after a seventeen year hiatus. Together they watch an office building on a deserted street in East Berlin. Jared (Fraser Brown), their partner sits on the roof on a nearby building so that he can see more clearly what is going on inside the building. Soon, the head of whatever is going on in the building appears at the doorway and Marta approaches him when an explosion knocks her to the ground. She is then dragged to her car and she and Jacob get away. A couple of days later they are joined by Yale (John Rhys-Davies) and they talk about the details of what sees to be a mission gone awry and evidence shows that Marta had some kind of emotional connection to the victim of the explosion. The three learn that the United States has turned its eyes from Germany to the Middle East.

At this point, the movie flashes forward and we see Jacob living in Milan with his boyfriend, Paolo and a daughter that he fathered with a friend. Jacob receives a desperate voice message from Marta and rushes to meet Marta’s train and when he see her he realizes that her memory has been erased and she is being followed by two men. As Jacob tries to refresh her memory, they both understand that their lives are in danger.

To give anymore about the plot would destroy the viewing pleasure. It is so good to see that gay themed movies have moved into a new genre and is supported by a literate script that is filled with twists and turns. The cast is excellent with Gant, Doherty and Rhys-Davies giving stand-out performances.

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