“Hannah Free”–two women in love

“Hannah Free”


Two Women in Love

Amos Lassen

Sharon Gless is Hannah Free who is at an old age home and just a few feet away from her girlfriend for life, Rachel (Maureen Gallagher) who is comatose and under the guard of a homophobic daughter who will not let Hannah visit. Hannah seems to have the ability to speak to Rachel in her fantasy world but is only able to see her physically when her former college student, Greta (Jacqui Jackson), comes to visit. Greta is interested in Hannah’s life story and she interviews her for a project she is working on and also sneaks her into see Rachel.
The film jumps between hospital scenes and flashbacks of the life of Hannah and Rachel. This is quite the tear-jerker of a film. We learn that Rachel was a widow and her relationship with Hannah included a lot of berating her for wanting to travel and see the world. The film looks at the treatment of the elderly, Christian proselytizing, the difference in generations, and the relations of family members to other gay family members and the issue of life support.
Basically what makes the film important is the way it looks at gay love stories especially at the time before death. Here is lesbian love in a universe of homophobes and we know that what we see on film is what is really happening in the world today. It is a soap opera of a film that indeed documents gay love and shows us the hardships it has to deal with.

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