“Be Mine”–remembering the first kiss

“Be Mine”

Remembering the First Kiss

Amos Lassen

A good romantic comedy always warms the heart and Ariztical Entertainment delivers with its new release, “Be Mine”. Mason (Dan Selon) really wants his first kiss and he has been waiting for it for a long time in his mind. Robyn (Kendra Thomas), his best friend feels the time has come for Mason to kiss a boy. There is only one problem—Mason is very shy and when an unexpected meeting at a coffeehouse with a good looking guy comes about, Mason cannot act even though he is smitten.

When Eric (Eric Taylor) invites mason to a Valentine Day party, they both meet Reily (Jared Welch) who just happens to be the same guy Mason met at the coffeehouse and the man of his dreams. Mason is slow to understand that Reily feels the same way towards him and we have a story of first love with all of its cuteness.
A great movie this is not but it has cute characters and a wonderful premise. So many of us have felt like Mason some time in our lives and the film is sure to bring back memories

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