“Asian Queer Shorts”–a fascinating collection

“Asian Queer Shorts”


A Fascinating Collection

Amos Lassen

Be on the lookout for this wonderful collection of Asian gay short films. It contains five short films that will entertain and keep you thinking.

“Yellow Fever” from the United Kingdom is a love story set in London and it is about Monte, a gay Asian (Chinese) who is looking for his Mr. Wonderful. By chance he meets Jai Ming, another Chinese guy but he really wants a “white boy”. The film then explores Monty and gives us a look at the gay-Chinese subculture in a society dominated by European values.

“Still” is from Indonesia and the US and is the story of Guy who cannot seem to find his place and runs away from home. He very much wants a human connection but just does not know how to get one. This is a portrait of loneliness that brings about disillusionment.

“A Crimson Mark” from South Korea is a bout a chancellor falling in love with his clerk amidst political turmoil in the country.
“Last Full Show” is a Filipino film about the meaning of love and it is a sincere look at an older man and a boy.

Finally, “Dissolution of Bodies” from the United States introduces us to two strangers who attempt to avoid the feeling of desire and we must learn whether their night of passion is a step towards something greater or just a one night stand.

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