“The Big Book of In-Your-Face Gay Etiquette”–I don’t know how Daniel Curzon does it

Curzon, Daniel. “THE BIG BOOK OF IN-YOUR-FACE GAY ETIQUETTE”, IGNA Books, (originally published in 2007, updated to present).

I Don’t Know How He Does It

Amos Lassen

Daniel Curzon is a comic genius and he gives us a book that is a laugh a second. What is amazing is that we are laughing at ourselves and it is wonderful to do so. He has subtitled the book as “being a compendium of the best advice about, (and a most worthy codification of) the standards of good behavior and agreeable social behavior). I could pull out quotes to pad this review and never finish but instead I will say this is a book that must be read.

Curzon leaves no topic untouched from his satirical view of how we live. From cats to horse races, from movies to smoking, Curzon has something to say and does so with great wit and style. The book is perfect for when you are feeling down and need a pick up and perfect for when you are feeling up and want to stay that way. I absolutely love this book and have some wonderful gems to throw into a conversation at just the right time. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It has a special place on my shelf–one where I can reach it with ease.

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