“Best Lesbian Romance 2011”–“women in love”


Radclyffe (editor). “Best Lesbian Romance 2011”, Cleis Press, 2010.

“Women in Love”

Amos Lassen

Romance is a very difficult word to define and it seems that there are as many definitions as there are kinds of romance. I suppose it is best to say that romance is a feeling that it probably different for all of us but we all know when it is present. In this anthology with stories selected by lesbian author Radcylffe, we get 18 stories of romantic love between women. The anthology is diverse and uplifting. The authors include Radclyffe (writing as L.L. Raand, Sacchi Green, Kathleen Warnock, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Catherine Lundoff, Theda Hudson, Rebecca S. Buck, Anna Meadows, Colette Moody, Andrea Dale, Marina Canyon, Jamie Schaffner, Charlotte Dare, Cheyenne Blue, Elaine Burns and Miel Rose.

Romance and love meet in these stories and what is so interesting here are the different approaches to romance from the lyrically musical to the erotic. But what all of the stories share is the joy of being in love.

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